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New Year & New Beginning s

Hi Lovelies,

First of all Happy New Year to all ..

Its been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog post due to work , helping with getting a family business up and running (The Sausage Experience) & I suppose the main thing been “growing” a baby !!

For those of you that might not know I am 25 + weeks pregnant on my 2nd child … we are absolutely thrilled & so is Finn (1st Born )

But this pregnancy has taken a lot out of me since the day I did the test , I suppose I was so lucky on Finn I had no pregnancy side effects but on this one I’ve had everything I think that you could have with pregnancy!!

Where do I start – 24hr nausea yes ladies 24hr , I thought it was called “morning sickness” for a reason but I had it day & night for the first 12 weeks , I don’t know was I lucky or unlucky not to get sick but feeling sick 24hrs a day …

The tiredness in the first trimester was just unbelievable omg I never witnessed anything like it , I was tired on first born but nothing like this tiredness this time round . I know on the 2nd pregnancy you can’t rest as much as you have a little child that needs your attention.

Skin Break Out – yes I got that too , which I didn’t get on 1st Born my skin was glowing ! ( they say break out is sign of a girl that she is taking your beauty .. we will have to wait till early May to see if this is true )

And to top it off my blood type is Rhesus negative – so for those of you that haven’t heard of Rhesus negative it’s the symbol after your blood type , so I am A – if you are R negative it’s one to watch when pregnant , if you have a bleed or your bump gets a knock e.g you fall , someone runs into your bump you have to have an injection within so many hours of the bump or bleed happening so blood won’t mix with babies blood as the baby could be a different blood type and also if you want to have more children that your body won’t reject them … sure enough Finn bumped straight into the bump at 14 weeks so I was off to the emergency rooms of CUMH for the injection but all was fine ….

That’s my first 6 months of pregnancy for you in a nut shell !!!

I’m in my 2nd trimester now and so far it’s going well , only that my iron levels are low so trying my best to get them up by eating loads of red meat & on iron tonic ( trying to avoid Iron injections) and time is flying by , I think been pregnant over 2 years breaks it and it goes faster …

More pregnancy posts to come on pregnancy fashion , my consultant, packing for hospital…

Till next Time ,

Karen x


An alternative wedding look 

Hello Chicas , 

Hope your all well & enjoying the sunshine today … So it only took me a week to get around to writing this blog post ! I had so many comments & messages about this fabulous look I put together for my husbands cousins wedding last Thursday ….

Why trousers & top ??

 So firstly it was a family wedding of about 40 and the whole lot was on in Carrigaline Court Hotel  , I had in my head I wanted something different , I find when I buy a dress for a wedding I don’t get the wear out of it as they can cost a lot and it is just pushed to the back of the wardrobe …But I still wanted something dressy & classy  and that I would get wear out of again … So when I spotted the pink trousers in Vanilla Boutique a few weeks back I fell in love with them … And thought these will be perfect for the wedding  & I will get wear out of again themed with a different top for A/ W…They were classy looking …. Bright , wide leg , gold buttons … The top is also Vanilla Boutique , I was between a cream & baby pink but I’m glad I went with the baby pink ..

I wanted to add a little bit of an edge to the outfit as I wasn’t getting a head piece so I think these asymmetrical earrings from  Zara did right that !! 

 I absolutely loved the clutch bag which a friend gave me for the day .. She got it in a boutique in Lanzarote & the heels are from Primark

Hair : Sandras Hair Studio , Mitchlestown (Karen )

Make Up :Helen K MUA

Tan : Bellamianta

The whole look was super comfortable and was just perfect for the day … I think this look is lovely as an alternative to a dress for a wedding or day at the races … 

Till the next time ,


Karen xxx

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My new reach to Tan …Rimmel Tanning Mouse

Hello Chicas ,

Hope all is well since my last blog post .. So I usually don’t blog about beauty products much unless I come across a good one !!

Recently I met a friend of my sister who is an air hostess and I noticed how fab her tan was … So I asked the following question” Is that natural ” and her reply was no that’s the  Rimmel tanning mouse and it’s on a week … Straight away I was like I need to get my hands on that 😉

I have such Irish skin … Pale and freckles, I never tan !! I think after a year in oz I had a golden look about me when I returned .. And that was after a year , but I don’t even try to get a tan on holidays now as all I get is more freckles & you know what I don’t mind !!

So for that reason I love a good tan that goes on easy & wears off naturally .. I got myself to my local chemist  Mc Grath’s Pharmacy Tallow as I knew they would have the Rimmel tan as they stock so many different tans !! Sure enough they had it …

So I went with the Medium shade , they had light & dark as well … I couldn’t wait to put it on that night , went on so smoothly and its tinted so you could see it going on , I applied it with my Bellinmanta tanning mitt… I only applied a light layer as I wasn’t sure for my first application .. Left it on over night and washed morning after , before I even washed it I knew it was going to be nice , so showered and applied moisturiser.. I was very impressed.

So the night after I applied another layer to my upper body & I applied a layer to my legs , my legs are always iffy when it comes to tan as they are so dry even though I moisturise them a lot .. The only tan I can usually use on my legs is the instant sun shimmer by Rimmel .. So when I washed off tan the morning after I was thrilled with how well my legs turned out … Really even  and just a nice glow without any dry patches and streaks … 

So the Rimmel Mouse Tan get 5 out of 5 for me , it retails at €9.99 so very affordable and so natural …it’s my go to tan this summer 

Picture is not great 😁 but that’s the tan on after two days … 

Till the next time ,


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Gym Life @Rejuvenate Health & Fitness

Hello All , 

Hope your enjoying the lovely weather … So this week I was back full belt to Rejuvenate Heath & Fitness , I had taken a full week off due to holidays and last week I only got one personal training in !!

So with two personal trainings a week I try to do legs one day and upper body the other … This week Peter trained me for both days ..

Last night I did legs , I won’t lie , I did find it though going , my legs were like jelly after it , it was full on for the 30mins , going from one station to the next … I used some machines and then did squat jumps & worked with weights but still incorporating the legs ….

Today I did upper body , as you know I suffer from shoulder problems due to me work , so I did find today I had to ask Peter to bring down the weights as my shoulder isint great at the moment … So I usually lift 5kg but today he tried 6kg with me but I wasn’t able and I don’t want to push it Incase I do more damage …

I got weighted in last night after 2.5 weeks , I was thinking the scales might not be good to me as I had holidays and I was a little off track since I got back … But I have been getting walks & runs in so I was thrilled when Barry said I was down 1.4lbs … It gave me a boost and I’m back on track now again to shed a few more pounds !!

I was also down in body fat & up in muscle so overall I was happy with that … So back on the water & fruit again this week 😉

Till the next time 

*This is not a sponsored post *

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Thomasland @ Drayton Manor Theme Park

Hello guys ,

Hope you are all well , so two weekends ago we flew to England to see my sister & her husband for two nights .. It was great to catch up with them as I hadn’t seen my sister since March when we all met in Lanzarote … But the main part of the trip to England was “Thomasland ” ….

For those of you following my snapchat( @FrewenHickeyK) you will know I have a 3 1/2 year old boy who loves trains and Thomas the tank engine.. 

He has been gathering them since the age of 1 and plays with them for hours , he has a good few of the trains and tracks now as he gets them for Christmas , Birthdays & for special occasions …

So on Monday we got the train down to Tamworth which is ten minutes from Drayton Manor Hotel & theme park … We arrived in the afternoon , when I booked the hotel back in the spring I said we would go the whole hog .. That meaning a Thomas themed bedroom , with the Thomas room came a lovely welcome pack which included all Thomas themed stuff and a Teddy called Rory who is the Drayton Manor theme teddy … I am so glad I did go with the Thomas room as it was a little more expensive but well worth it for your first visit …

         (Image courtesy of hotel )

The bedroom was lovely it slept four , so a Thomas bunk bed at one side of room & a double bed at the other side .. Each bunk bed had its own DVDs player which the hotel supplied DVDs of child’s choice every day … Then we had our own flat screen so everyone was happy ! 

        (Image courtesy of hotel )

Our package was B&B for two nights & Park Tickets for both days  , so we used the park tickets on Tuesday & Wednesday… Monday evening we just chilled out in hotel , it had loads of different themed trains in reception & on every floor. In reception they had a Thomas  souvenir shop that opened for a few hours in morning & evening ! So kids could buy trains , hats , pjs , clothes etc !! 

We ate in the Parklands restaurant in the hotel on both evenings , food was very good in the hotel . They had a table with train tracks in the restaurant and where you ate breakfast which I thought was a great idea , it let kids mix with each other and use their trains & it kept them entertained while mom & dad ate in peace …

After dinner on both evenings we sat out as the weather was fabulous , they have a lovely playground to back of hotel which was full of kids playing and parents relaxing with a drink !!

Tuesday morning eventually came and it was time to hit “Thomasland ” we were up early , down for breakfast , and on the park for 10.20 am ! Park gates open at 10am but the rides don’t start till 10.30am … We went in around the zoo part for a look around while waiting … But we had an anxious 3 year old so we only lasted 15 mins in the zoo and we had to go to where the rides were …  

The first day was overcast which was perfect for the park , there was no big ques as the kids in England are still in school . There was loads of rides for Finn … What I liked was parents could go on to , some rides only one parent but most rides both could go on … We did 95% of the park in one day .. You could probably get it all done in one day but by 3.30pm Finn was whacked and wanted to relax in buggy but as we had a 2nd day we were happy to go back to hotel and chill , the park closed at 5pm on both days we were there ! 

The 2nd day we headed to the park around 11am a, it was really hot and sun shone all day so we were lathering on the sun block !  We did the rides we didn’t get in on the first day and Finn wanted to go on some of his favourite ones again !! We spent an hour in the indoor play area on the 2nd day as the heat was just to much outside … 

Finn had an absolute ball he loved every minute of it , I would say Finn was a good age to bring (3 1/2 ) as I think it was only one Thomas ride he couldn’t go on due to his height … There is something there for all the family as they have rollercoasters and rides for older kids ! I suppose we spent most of our time in the “Thomasland ” part of the park…

So was it an expensive trip ?

We got our return tickets for the 3 of us for €110 return from Dublin 

So you would fly to Birmingham airport as its only 25 mins in taxi from Drayton Manor …

Taxi was £30 e/w

Hotel Package including Tickets to Theme Park came to €505 I think it was £218 a night and then with the change from sterling to euro !

Definitely bring a buggy if your going with smallies there is a lot of walking ! 

I must say it was worth every penny , we all really enjoyed it and said if Finn is still a big lover of trains in 2 years time we would go back … Since we have come home he talks about it every night , his favourite ride , who he met (Fat Controller ) what presents he got ! 

Till next time ,

Karen X

(This is not a sponsored post )

If you would like to know more about it or planning a trip there do pop me a mail …